Discount retailer Aldi has been named UK’s Cheapest Supermarket by Which?, beating rival discounter Lidl, who held the title for six months, by £1.38.

Which? compared 47 ‘popular’ groceries, including own-label and a small number of branded items, from the UK’s biggest supermarkets.

It found that Aldi’s trolley of products came in the cheapest at £74.23. The same shopping cost £12.54 more at Tesco, £16.91 more at Morrisons and £25.23 more at Waitrose.

The full results of the research are as follows (by average basket price):

  • Aldi = £74.23
  • Lidl = £75.61
  • Asda = £83.22
  • Sainsbury’s = £86.27
  • Tesco = £86.77
  • Morrisons = £91.14
  • Ocado = £95.33
  • Waitrose = £99.46

Keeping costs low

Julie Ashfield, managing director of buying at Aldi, said: “We know that across the nation many families are finding things tough due to the cost of living crisis. At Aldi, we’re determined to help by keeping costs low and quality high for our customers. We’re thrilled to yet again be named the UK’s cheapest supermarket.”