UK supermarket Asda has revealed its 2023 Brighter Living Report, which updates on the progress made towards its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets.

The report is Asda’s fourth annual update on ESG progress over the last calendar year.


The report showed a continued reduction in carbon emissions (Scope 1-3), down 7% on 2022 and 15% since Asda first began reporting its full carbon footprint in 2020.

The retailer also highlighted that its highest carbon impact suppliers were now required to share sustainability progress through a data-sharing and assessment platform.


Asda said it had increased the proportion of own-brand recyclable packaging by 3% year-on-year to 96%, as part of its target to reach 100% recyclability by 2025.

This was helped by changes made to beef mince packaging and steak trays and improvement to shelf-life from nine days to 14 days on beef mince. Asda also said that over 1.8 million ‘Just Essentials’ soft cheese lids included 30% recycled content in packaging.


In 2023, Asda relaunched its ‘Live Better’ icon, with its portfolio of products in the range now standing at 876. The icon, which is awarded to products meeting specific healthy-eating criteria, is intended to “make healthy eating simple”.

Encouraging sustainable choices

Asda revealed its “four strategic goals” to support customers to make more sustainable choices when shopping. These were:

  • Fulfil customer needs on sustainable choices
  • Reduce packaging where possible, and improve the sustainability credentials and circularity of what remains
  • Decarbonise shopping baskets
  • Drive engagement through transparent and consistent communication

Mohsin Issa, co-owner of Asda, said: “2023 was a big year for Asda, with major strategic investments delivered and the foundations being laid to build a bigger and better Asda. Our fourth ESG report outlines the progress we’ve made in the last year, with our new strategies and targets not only matching the ambitions of the business, but also tackling the areas that matter most to our customers and stakeholders. 

“Through this programme, we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to building a sustainable business for the long term.”