Jean Trumpington, Baroness Trumpington, served in the Department of Health and Ministry of Agriculture in the 1980s and 1990s, and has passed away aged 96.

She was a former Conservative minister, and was well known for making a ‘V-sign’ at a fellow Conservative seven years ago, over what she saw as a rude remark about her age. The video went viral online.

BBC news reported the exchange and introduced Baroness Trumpington to a wider audience outside Parliament. She was soon appearing on television programmes, including Have I Got News For You, Backchat and the Great British Menu.

It also won her extra acclaim in the press with the Oldie naming her ‘Peer of the Year’ in 2012, describing her as a “stalwart of the old school and robust champion of the senior citizen”.

Before entering Parliament in 1980, Lady Trumpington was a councillor in Cambridge, where she later became mayor.

In Government, she served under Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major. She retired only last year.

Lady Trumpington’s death was confirmed by her son, Adam Barker, who said she passed away on Monday (26th November) during the afternoon in her sleep.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron tweeted: “So very sad to hear that Baroness Trumpington has passed away.”

He added: “She was one of a kind – they simply don’t make politicians like that anymore. She will be sorely missed in Westminster but long remembered for her outstanding ability and great humour. RIP Trumpers.”