The British Free Range Egg Producers Association has launched free, professional guidance to help restore balance in the supply contracts held between farmers and egg packers.
Earlier this year the organisation vowed to help reform outdated agreements which a team of lawyers deemed grossly imbalanced in favour of egg buyers.
Birketts LLP examined contracts provided by producers and found numerous areas requiring improvement.
They included pricing, payment terms and termination clauses which the legal team said were weighted entirely towards packers in some cases.
For the past 10 months BFREPA has been working through the necessary changes and asking more than 40 packers to engage and feedback on the proposals.
At BFREPA’s national conference in Birmingham, CEO Robert Gooch launched the Model Egg Supply Agreement and outlined why the piece of work was so important to his membership.  

BFREPA CEO Robert Gooch
BFREPA CEO Robert Gooch

He commented: “With the expansion of the sector over recent years and a fiercely competitive retail environment we have seen members entering into agreements which simply aren’t fair to both sides.
“We want to arm free range producers with a model contract which stands up to legal scrutiny.
“What we’re launching today is a live document and can be adapted as the sector changes to meet the needs of members and packers over time.
“It is intended for members to help negotiate the terms and conditions of the contracts put in front of them.”
The model contract will shortly be made available on the BFREPA website.

Lead photo: Ben Pike Eve Communications.