Global snack company Mondelēz International has released a new report looking at UK confectionary brand Cadbury’s performance, noting changes in consumer trends.

Research commissioned by parent company Mondelēz International to celebrate the 200-year anniversary of the Cadbury brand has revealed that consumers are searching for nostalgia in their chocolate purchases. The findings of the research were revealed as part of the Cadbury Unwrapped report.

Cadbury said that the findings showed an “increasing love of nostalgia” in chocolate purchases, with 45% of people who eat it agreeing that chocolate snacks remind them of their childhoods. Millennials were reportedly “at the forefront” of the nostalgia purchases – over half (56%) of 25-34-year-olds said that eating a chocolate treat reminded them of their younger years.

Consumers look to be “more mindful” with their snacking

Mondelēz also found in a separate State of Snacking report that compared to five years ago, consumers surveyed are paying more attention to nutritional value (69%), portion size (68%) and hunger and fullness level (64%). It found that 74% of those surveyed agreed that novel flavours and textures are important when choosing a snack and nearly seven in 10 (68%) said they get excited when they have a new snack to try.

Looking to the Cadbury Unwrapped report, this was reflected in sales of twin pack Duo Bars, which had increased by 24% in the past two years “as consumers looked for more mindful ways to enjoy their chocolate snacks”. It was also reported that since 2021 Cadbury had launched over 100 new products such as Cadbury Caramilk, Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruitier & Nuttier, Cadbury Dairy Milk & More Caramel Nut Crunch and Cadbury Dairy Milk & More Nutty Praline Crisp.

The company highlighted that it had invested £272 million in its UK manufacturing operation since 2012, and said that it had sold 13.7 million kilogrammes of its Dairy Milk product in 2023.

Louise Stigant, UK managing director at Mondelēz International, said: “We’re thrilled to be celebrating this incredible 200-year milestone for Cadbury. It’s a brand that means so much to so many people. Given the British public has played such an important role in Cadbury’s history, we wanted to unwrap the Cadbury brand to reveal more about its enduring magic, whilst lifting the lid on the latest trends and attitudes towards chocolate in the UK.”

Adam Harris, principal scientist and wellbeing tech lead, Mondelēz International, commented: “Consumer tastes are constantly evolving and our research highlights Britain’s love of trying something new. We are proud that twists on classic treats like Cadbury Dairy Milk are being enjoyed so much, showing how heritage and innovation can combine to create something great.

“Alongside our proud heritage in making chocolate, we’re also looking to the future, and it might surprise people that we have around 600 employees working in research and development roles in the UK, alongside trained chocolate tasters, ensuring we continue to innovate and lead the future of snacking.”