BSI Group has joined forces with industry leading authors to offer expert insight into how we can improve the nation’s health post-pandemic.


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Both the pandemic and the independent National Food Strategy (The Plan, published in July 2021 by Henry Dimbleby) have raised concerns about the food we eat and population health. Now is the time to consider how we address food systems in future to enhance nutrition, ensure sustainability and protect security of supply chains.

Some of the answers could well lie in a combination of re-formulation, pushing marketing budgets to healthier options and evaluating what is reported in the boardroom, all whilst being mindful of the industry’s impact on the environment. As the independent National Standards Body for the UK, BSI aims to support the endeavours of all stakeholders to help clarify and improve issues of production and processes in the economy; in this way, BSI also aims to support those looking to improve key factors within the food system.

Supported by in-depth analysis of quantitative data, BSI’s latest report highlights important factors for anyone looking to drive better health outcomes through innovations in food production and communication.

BSI’s Sara Walton, Sector Lead (Food, Retail, Services), has teamed up with industry leading authors to consider the post-pandemic food landscape and offer their own insights into areas where changes could be made to improve the health of the nation and the planet. 

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Sara Walton of BSI Group.
Sara Walton, Sector Lead, BSI Knowledge (Food, Retail, Services)

At BSI we are always interested in exploring the potential need for standards in the food and agriculture sector, and are currently engaged in some interesting conversations about farm robots and other emerging areas such as hemp, insect protein, natural fortification of crops and the circular economy. If you would like to speak to anyone about the issues and challenges you are facing, even if you think there is no necessity for standardisation now, please don’t get hesitate to get in touch.


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