Food Science & Technology Show

Food Science & Technology

Food Science & Technology was staged at the National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire on 30th June and 1st July 2015 and co-located with the Meatup trade show taking place over the same period.

The growing emphasis directed at the safe delivery of our food could not be more important in today’s marketplace. Indeed, the ‘Horsegate’ problems over the summer of 2012 have been well documented and is just one recent example of why good practice involving such things as traceability, food analysis, food monitoring, food sourcing and diagnostics, plus the myriad of all related aspects covering hygiene and safety now required in the delivery of our food, is key to the food business.

Testo testing equipment

The activities of food scientists in the development of new foods, design of processes to produce those foods, the choice of packaging materials, shelf life as well as microbiological and chemical testing is paramount. Consequently, the importance of food technology and science, together with good practice, is higher up the political and legal agenda than ever before.

As Michael McCain, president and CEO of Maple Leaf Foods said at last year’s annual Campden Lecture: “Technology is our friend, not our enemy,” and whilst he was speaking in a top line context about global food challenges, his words resonate as the food production and processing sector continues to see more and more innovation and demand from retailers and, ultimately consumers.

A range of seminars were a highlight of the event featuring keynote speakers covering the most topical and important subjects of the day.

With Food Science & Technology co-located with the Meatup exhibition, which is a dedicated meat industry event, the areas of interest for visitors were expanded considerably and were a perfect example of good synergy adding value for our visitors across both events. The NAC at Stoneleigh is a modern user-friendly exhibition venue with excellent logistics and free parking, and we believe the experience for both exhibitors and visitors was a profitable and positive one.

Food Science & Technology was co-located with Meatup

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