Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has announced it will continue its £50,000 annual backing for national secondary school food safety qualifications.

The agency is matching the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland’s (REHIS) contribution, meaning another 15,000 places will be offered on REHIS’ Elementary Food Hygiene Course and the REHIS Elementary Food and Health course.

Both courses aim to provide pupils with national qualifications, which also assists Scotland in meeting the SQA Curriculum for Excellence, Health and Wellbeing (Food and Health) experience and outcomes.

The REHIS Schools Initiative is available to all secondary schools in Scotland for pupils aged between 13 and 18. The courses have been taken by 75,000 pupils over the last seven years, with 15,000 more expected to sign up in 2022.

Promoting healthy eating

FSS chief executive Geoff Ogle said:  “The skills being taught under the Schools Initiative mirror why FSS exists – to protect consumers in Scotland from food safety risks, and to promote healthy eating.”

He added: “Our remit covers all aspects of the food chain which can impact on public health. And so, helping to support young people with vital food safety skills that will serve them well in future – whether in the home or within the food and drink industry – is money very well spent.”