GMB, the energy union, is calling on the Government to intervene in the CO2 supply chain concern to protect UK interests.

A shortage in food-grade carbon dioxide is currently causing issues for the UK food and drink industry.

GMB has said that the CO2 supply news is the latest example of why the UK needs an industrial strategy to protect the UK’s national interest.

CO2 gases are also an essential part of organ transplant procedures in our NHS, as well as being a major component for pubs and restaurants.

GMB has said that CO2 gas imports getting dangerously low to the UK due to supply outages in Europe, is not a situation the UK Government should allow to continue in post Brexit Britain.

Stuart Fegan, GMB national officer, said: “We have the skills and the infrastructure in the UK to supply our own gases.

“It’s an industry that employs thousands of people in the UK, but it needs Government help to support the infrastructure required.

“Time and again Britain relies on market forces to supply essential products to the UK economy – it is just not working.

“The UK needs a proper industrial strategy for the post-Brexit world, or we will be continue to be at the mercy of supply chain shortages coming from the continent in future.”