Media reports over recent days are suggesting that food processing company Heinz is considering changing the name of its long-established Salad Cream product to a new brand name ‘Sandwich Cream’.

Some years ago, the company was believed to be considering stopping production of the product completely, which resulted in an outcry from customers and a rise in sales.

Heinz are now reported as saying that only 14% of those who buy the product use it on salads, with many more preferring to use it in sandwiches.

Latest reports suggest that the company is considering adopting the name Sandwich Cream to better reflect how consumers use the condiment and to appeal to younger consumers.

It is believed that UK sales of the brand dipped around 5.4% to £28.8m in 2017.

A spokesperson for Heinz is reported as saying: “There are consumers who haven’t grown up with the brand in the household and don’t know about the iconic zingy flavour or how to eat it.”

It is believed that consultations are now under way about the new name and the future of the product. An announcement is expected during the autumn.

Food Management Today has contacted Heinz to verify the ongoing position, but at the time of going to press had not received a response.

One industry observer commented: “We shall see if this is real or is perhaps only a clever piece of marketing to put the brand out in the market once more and generate new interest, for what is an iconic brand with a long history, but nevertheless a product which appears to be affected by a reduction in market share.”