Food manufacturers, retailers and restaurant chains have taken to Twitter to ‘poke fun’ at KFC amid a chicken supply crisis that forced the company to temporarily close 750 of its outlets.

Satirising the chicken shortages – which came about following KFC’s decision to switch food distributors from Bidvest Logistics to DHL– Iceland proposed that the retailer delivered chicken “in time” instead.

Iceland posted: “Oi @KFC_UKI, we can deliver this in time for tomorrow?” along with sharing an image of its own chicken offering.

Quorn also joined in the online fun, suggesting it shares some of its meat-free products for KFC’s customers as a chicken replacement.

The company posted: “Let us know if we can share some Quorn Crispy nuggets for a meat-free alternative for your customers!”

Fellow fast-food chain Burger King UK was also quick to contribute to the mocking of its competitor, tweeting: “We knew you were out of chicken but didn’t realise you were out of fries too!” in response to a joke sent from the KFC twitter account about “putting all chips on the table”.

However, the KFC’s social media team appear to have shown they also have a sense of humour, replying to Burger King’s joke by tweeting a woman’s on-camera complaint that with KFC closed, she would have go to… Burger King:

The restaurant chain has now announced that 690 of its outlets are back open, amid what Twitter is dubbing the #KFCCrisis.

Food Management Today has approached both KFC and DHL for comment but has not received any response.