Global health foods brand, Loma Linda, has secured deals with four UK wholesalers to bring its plant-based ready meals and seafood alternative TUNO to independent stores nationwide.

Following demand for its sustainable products and listings with retailers such as Holland & Barratt and Planet Organic, the Loma Linda range will now also be stocked at wholesalers including: Tree of Life, The Health Store, Suma and Marigold.

The deals will see a select range of the Loma Linda products available at around 1,600 independent stores across the UK.

Made with natural plant-based ingredients, Loma Linda’s TUNO, is a protein-rich, gluten-free food which recreates the flaky texture of seafood but is fish-free.

TUNO has been created in collaboration with seafood industry experts from around the world to help address the growing crisis of global fish stocks being overfished and depleted.

Atlantic Natural Foods, LLC (ANF) has joined forces with distributer Worldwide Food Associates (WFA) to bring the range to the UK.

Eric Woods, managing director of WFA, said: “Health and sustainability are critical components in a world where today’s shoppers are not only aware of the benefits of plant-based proteins, but also embracing them as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“As such, retailers are significantly increasing the space allocated to plant-based alternatives, as more brands and SKUs enter the market.

“Following Loma Linda’s entry into the marketplace this year, with listings in major retailers such as Morrisons and Holland & Barratt, we have seen demand for its products soar and sales so far are looking strong.

“These new contracts with independent wholesalers, will allow us to reach even more consumers over the coming months and cement our place as a leading UK plant-base brand.”