Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) is being replaced by the new Customs Declarations Service (CDS) from 1st October and food businesses will then need to make all their import declarations using CDS.

Defra have said that it “understands that some traders may not be able to migrate in time” and if traders can provide a “clear business reason”, Defra will allow CHIEF badge holders to seek permission for a short extension to use CHIEF beyond today’s deadline, 30th September.

It also explained that if a business knows it cannot be ready for the deadline, it should consider using a customs agent who can help.

Defra is also allowing businesses who are CHIEF badge holders a short extension to use CHIEF, if the business is unable to use CDS for import declarations or not able to use a customs agent.

It added that If a business continues to use CHIEF from 1st October 2022 without permission, HMRC reserves the right to remove its access.