Sales of organic salmon are said to be motoring at JCS Fish, reflecting continued expansion of the UK organic food market overall, which is now estimated to be worth £2.33 BN a year and growing.[i]

35% of BigFish brand sales are now organic and JCS Fish is anticipating that growth will continue.

This month the company successfully achieved Organic Food Federation Conformity status for the ninth consecutive year.  The Grimsby-based firm remains one of only a handful of UK salmon suppliers accredited to handle and sell certified Organic salmon.

Jack Coulbeck, JCS commercial manager said: “The total organic market is on target to reach £2.5BN by 2020 [ii] and our own Organic sales are up by about 25% since last year.  BigFish Organic Salmon fillets are a premium product made using fish reared more slowly and farmed using the most natural conditions possible.  We are proud to have it in our range and confident that its popularity will continue to grow as people become more and more interested in the provenance of their food.”

The majority of BigFish Organic sales are online, either through the company’s own website or Ocado.  This again reflects the overall market, with online organic sales up 14.2%.  More than a quarter of British people now do their main shop online and home delivery’s share of the Organic UK organic market is expected to reach 25% by 2023 [iii].