The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) Training Academy has the following events listed below, together with a brief description.

SOFHT Training Academy 2019 – ‘Level 4 Food Safety Carousel’ –  SOFHT Conference Room, Middleton House Farm

This food safety training (for both food manufacturers and caterers) is provided by the Society of Food Hygiene and Technology in a flexible ‘carousel’ format to enable busy senior managers in the food industry to secure quality training without having to leave their business for consecutive days at a time. Unlike other Level 4 food safety training courses where modules are taken consecutively often meaning senior staff have to be off-site for up to a week, modules in SOFHT’s five day food hygiene course will be run one day a month over five consecutive months (40 guided learning hours). Managers can simply ‘hop on’ to module one, get back to work and ‘hop on’ again the next month, saving valuable time and money for the business.

18 July 2019
Day 1 – Food Hazards
22 August 2019
Day 2 – Food Safety Microbial Hazards
26 September 2019
Day 3 – Operational Requirements and Controls
24 October 2019
Day 4 – Food Safety Management Procedures and Compliance with Food Safety Legislation
21 November 2019
Day 5 – Revision, discussion and exam
(Day 5 can only be attended by candidates that have received the minimum of 40 hours directed studies).

SOFHT Training Academy 2019 – ‘Level 4 Food Safety Fast Track’ –  SOFHT Conference Room, Middleton House Farm

7 June 2019
Day 1 – Food Hazards
14 June 2019
Day 2 – Food Safety Microbial Hazards
21 June 2019
Day 3 – Operational Requirements and Controls
28 June 2019
Day 4 – Food Safety Management Procedures and Compliance with Food Safety Legislation
5 July 2019
Day 5 – Revision, discussion and exam
(Day 5 can only be attended by candidates that have received the minimum of 40 hours directed studies

13 June 2019 – SOFHT Training Academy – ‘Automated Cleaning’ – SOFHT Conference Room, Middleton House Farm

This new course is designed to review the currently available automated cleaning systems available in the food, beverage and dairy industries including CIP, tray/rack washers and robotic food production equipment.

As well as establishing the potential problem areas the course will focus on getting the best out of the equipment either via optimisation or retro-fitting. Presenters will then review current and future developments in automated cleaning technology.

The course is aimed at hygiene, technical and engineering managers as well as those wishing to develop such cleaning systems in the future.

Course content:

CIP systems, Tray / Rack washers, Robotic systems, Choosing the right chemical products, for use in automated systems, Assessing the efficiency of automated cleaning systems, Optimising and enhancing automated cleaning systems and Potential future developments.

13 June 2019 – SOFHT Conference – ‘Improving Food Safety In A Changing World’  – The National Motorcycle Museum, Solihull

Aimed at anyone working in the food retail, food manufacturing or food service sectors, as well as trainers and environmental health practitioners, key topics from our panel of globally renowned speakers will include:

  • key challenges and issues for the food safety industry and professionals
  • what Brexit means for the sector
  • food safety issues and the media
  • improving food safety in practice
  • effective implementation of changing regulations

Speakers include:

  • Richard Sprenger (Chairman, Highfield Qualifications)
  • Dawn Welham (Operations and Technical Services Director, Caterers Choice Ltd. President of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)
  • Geoffrey Podger (Former Chief Executive at the Food Standards Agency, the European Food Safety Authority and the Health and Safety Executive)
  • Sterling Crew (Managing Director SQS Ltd, Strategic Advisor at Dynamic Risk Indicator and the Shield Safety Group)
  • Madeleine Smith (Reader in Food Safety, University of Birmingham)
  • Dr Lisa Ackerley (Food Safety Adviser, UKHospitality, Visiting Professor University of Salford)
  • Tony Lewis (Associate Professor at the Royal Agricultural University)
  • Michael Jackson (Head of Regulatory Compliance Division, Regulatory Compliance, People and NI Directorate at Food Standards Agency)
  • John Barnes (Strategic Advisor Shield Safety Group)

Ticket price: £185 (members) £255 (non-members)

20 June 2019 – SOFHT Training Academy – ‘Effective Management of Cleaning and Hygiene’ – SOFHT Conference Room, Middleton House Farm

This course has been refreshed to reflect current trends in hygiene management including expectations of major retailers and the BRC standards. It covers a subject which is key to all food businesses and is relevant to any personnel working in a food production environment. It will be particularly beneficial to those working in technical or hygiene roles.

Course content:

The course will consider the obstacles of maintaining good hygiene standards, how these can be overcome and will explore the elements of an effective hygiene management system. The importance of selecting the correct cleaning chemicals and materials with an overview of some novel cleaning technologies. The course will encompass the role of cleaning from the perspective of microbiological concerns, allergen control, species authenticity and pest prevention. Systems for validating, verifying and auditing hygiene standards will be explained along with the options for effective use of trend analysis and KPI targets.

On completion of the course, delegates will be able to: demonstrate how a hygiene management system meets the hygiene requirements of the process (related to control of: microbiological contamination, allergen contamination, species authenticity, infestation); To demonstrate the common cleaning methods employed; To demonstrate the elements of an effective hygiene management system.

4 July 2019 – SOFHT Summer Lecture – Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire

A leading event in The Society’s calendar, this is an opportunity to hear from our guest presenter an insight into thinking smarter about how we practice as food professionals. There will be an opportunity to network before after the presentation and an exhibition showcasing our Supporting Company Members products and services as well as other invited exhibitors.

Dr Wayne Martindale, Food Insights and Sustainability Service, National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln presents ‘How a meat free revolution gave us insights that built sustainability into all food supply chains’. As food professionals can you answer the following questions?

Why did we not know about Flexitarians before? Is there an environmental cost to vegetarianism? And why have avocados becomes so controversial?

Wayne will help SOFHT members and guests focus on the services and materials for our industry that are becoming universally required for sustainability. This talk will highlight exemplary universal practices in our industry that robustly deliver safe food to half a billion consumers across Europe every day. These practices have been behind the label, but now technologies make them increasingly visible to consumers. How these issues are communicated and connect to building in sustainability to food brands is of increased importance. This talk will emphasise the links and establish the continued need for innovation and investment in a post Brexit food system.

The lecture will be followed by drinks and a BBQ evening reception. BBQ kindly hosted by Pal International.

Cost: £75 members, £99 non-member, £25 student (all + VAT) Time: 2:00pm – 5:00pm

9 July 2019 – SOFHT Training Academy – ‘HACCP Level 3’ – SOFHT Conference Room, Middleton House Farm

Food businesses are required by law to implement and effectively maintain a food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP.

Regulation(EC)No.852/2004 on the Hygiene of Food stuffs also requires those responsible for the development and maintenance of HACCP systems to have received adequate training in the application of its principles. This accredited course is delivered on 2 consecutive days (RQF) and is aimed at supervisors, managers, owners and anyone else responsible for HACCP. Candidates will again a practical understanding of HACCP based on industry best practice, current legislation and real-life case studies. The course materials also include a comprehensive level 3 textbook.

Course Pre-Requisite
SOFHT recommends that you have completed a level 3 food safety course prior to enrolment although this is not essential.

Course Programme
Day 1

  • Introduction to food safety management
  • Common food safety hazards
  • Pre-requisite programmes
  • The legal requirements for HACCP
  • Preparing for the implementation of HACCP
  • Flow diagrams
  • Hazard analysis and control measures
  • Critical control point
  • Critical limits, target levels and tolerances

Day 2

  • Monitoring
  • Corrective actions
  • Verification vs validation
  • Documentation and records
  • HACCP review
  • Examination

Assessment Method
The assessment method for this qualification is a 1 hour examination, consisting of 30 multiple choice questions. To pass 18 or more questions must be answered correctly. A merit will be awarded for 24 or more questions answered correctly.