Tate & Lyle PLC has invested in Zymtronix, a developer of enzyme immobilisation technologies, in an attempt to help increase its levels of production of food and beverage ingredients.

The two companies were brought together at Rabobank’s TERRA Accelerator 2019 in San Francisco. As part of the partnership, the retired chief technology officer of Tate & Lyle, Michael Harrison, will join the board of Zymtronix, to provide the company with his experience in the food and beverage ingredients market.

Zymtronix’s enzyme immobilisation technology has broad applications in the food & beverage, flavour & fragrances, pharmaceutical, chemical and agricultural industries.

The company hopes Tate & Lyle’s investment will enable it to improve and allow for innovation in itstechnology, with the goal of scaling up its platform to support process scale production.

Zymtronix is initially working with Tate & Lyle to improve the use of enzymes in the production of certain ingredients and improve cost efficiency.

Andrew Taylor, president of Innovation and Commercial Development at Tate & Lyle, said: “Consumers worldwide are looking for healthier food and drink, and we are proud to have the ingredients to help deliver just that. Improving lives for generations is at the heart of what we do, so we are excited to harness the power of Zymtronix’s enzyme immobilization platform, which will make our manufacturing processes more efficient. The platform also has the potential to accelerate our ability to make our ingredient solutions accessible to more consumers.”

Founder and CEO-CTO of Zymtronix, Stéphane Corgié, said: “We are delighted to announce Tate & Lyle as our first corporate partner. Their investment will enable us to further scale up our enzyme immobilization technology, advance our processes, develop our own target ingredients, and grow our team.”