A short video following the recent 2020 FMT Food Industry Awards ceremony and lunch is now exclusively available online, together with a photo gallery from the day.

The celebratory  lunch, hosted by world renowned Michel Roux Jr,  rewarded 16 categories, including this year’s Food Industry Champion, Andrew Kuyk CBE,  Food Manufacturer of the Year, Cranswick plc and Food Retailer of the Year, Marks & Spencer.

The 2020 winners reflect a mix of reader voting and product entries that are judged by a full team of home economists and industry experts.

Use this link to the view the Awards video and to view the photo gallery, click here.

Host and renown chef and TV personality Michel Roux Jr said: “I think it’s all about recognising great work and that’s, for sure,  here today. There are so many great people that are striving for perfection everyday, looking  to better themselves in our industry and it’s great that we can celebrate that.”

Publisher of Food Management Today, Graham Yandell added: “It’s been a huge success and we’ve had a lot of fun and of course we’ve done what we we’re here for and that’s to reward excellence in the industry and we’ve done that. Michel Roux Jr was brilliant and everybody loved to see him here and he gave us some anecdotes, some stories and everybody has huge respect for him.

“I’d like to thank everybody that’s taken the trouble to put products in, to vote, to be involved commercially and to be here today. We’re looking forward to next year, already we’ve started planning for 2021, but one thing I can promise everybody in the industry is that THE event will be the Food Management Today Industry Awards, it’s something to look forward to., it’s something for the industry to be proud of, and we’re all really looking forward to it.”

“I think the new film captures the spirit of the day really well. We live in challenging times and taking time out to reflect on what we achieve as an industry is, in my view, very important. I hope everyone enjoys the short video and picture gallery now available.”

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