Ronald Kers, CEO of 2 Sisters Food Group, has called for new workers as the company deals with the demand brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company, which is one of the largest food processors in Europe, launched its first-ever nationwide recruitment campaign on social media due to the level of vacancies across all its businesses. is one of the largest food processors in Europe,

Kers said in his video post: “2 Sisters’ job is literally to feed the nation. Getting food to people has never been so important. As we come together as a country to fight the coronavirus, we need everybody’s help to keep our factories running.

“We urgently need people so we can keep delivering a full range of products to supermarkets across the country. We are recruiting now for a  wide range of factory and logistics jobs up and down the country. Please join us and help feed the nation.”

He added: “This has brought about an urgent need for vacancies, both permanent and temporary roles. We have seen this across food and retail. We are hopeful that given the devastating effect this current crisis has had on the leisure and hospitality sectors, we can reach out to these people and persuade them that a career in the food industry can be both fulfilling and enjoyable.”

Ronald Kers’ video message can be seen here: