YPL Exhibitions & Events have announced that the UK’s biggest meat industry awards event is pushing back its dinner and ceremony date by two months.

Emma Cash the event organiser told Food Management Today: “Best advice at the time when the decision was made to change over last weekend was that the problem will peak around May / June in the UK, but taking account of any potential impact this could still have in July when the ceremony is scheduled, to be on the safe side, we have been able to negotiate and secure a new date of Wednesday September 2nd at The Vox Birmingham for the Awards Dinner and Ceremony – therefore pushing back the conclusion of the Awards programme by two months.

Publisher of Meat Management magazine Graham Yandell said: “We are mindful of the affect that the Coronavirus / Covid-19 is currently having on all UK business sectors and that includes food and meat companies, plus retailers and foodservice.

“Obtaining new dates for a significant occasion like this one is a complex process, particularly right now, with much to be considered in our forward planning, but in these unprecedented times we felt it was right to protect the event on behalf of our partners, guests and everyone involved. We moved quickly whilst we still had realistic options to retain a great venue and a strong strategic date.”

Emma Cash concluded: “As expected, the support and response for this major initiative from our partners has been outstanding. The Meat Management Industry Awards goes from strength to strength every year and remains the biggest and most prestigious event of its kind in the UK,and with around 1,000 products being judged this very week at the Regional Food Academy, located within the Harper Adamas University complex in Shropshire, we know we are set for a great celebration of excellence later this year.”

More information about the Meat Management Industry Awards is available at the website www.meatmanagement.com

The 2020 partners: