Supermarket chain Aldi claims to have invested an additional £1.6 billion with homegrown food suppliers since the coronavirus pandemic began.

The company said it has spent an extra £125 million more with British meat, poultry and dairy farmers as it sourced 100% of its core range of meat, butter, cream and milk from domestic producers.

Aldi also reconfirmed its commitment to a pledge made a year ago to spend an additional £3.5 billion per year with British businesses by 2025.

Giles Hurley, CEO of Aldi UK, said: “We were the fastest growing supermarket in the UK in 2021 and that has only been possible by working closely, over long periods, with hundreds of British suppliers.

“As we continue to grow, opening new stores across the UK, we are determined to ensure that the vast majority of our grocery products continue to come from British suppliers, just as they do now.”