To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week coming up on 4th to 8th March 2019, national catering butcher Aubrey Allen, is hosting and facilitating an event for apprentice chefs, farmers, and butchers in Coventry.

The Big Apprentice Day event will take place on 8th March, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 2.30pm, and the day includes lunch and goody bags for participants. It is also free to attend with full details about arrangements available upon enquiry.

The idea came from Aubrey Allen’s Rachel Barnwell, who joined Aubrey Allen in September 2017 on an internship and found that the way butchers view the meat and how farmers from her community viewed meat varied widely.

Rachel Barnwell added: “Last year was fantastic. The students went away truly inspired having done some hands on butchery, they worked together to look at how they can drive more apprentices to the sector and put food, farm and butchery on the curriculum.

“We had inspiring speakers and this year is shaping up to be even better. The minister for Apprenticeships is appraised of the day and is interested in coming, but yet to be confirmed.”

Lucianne Allen.

Lucianne Allen of Aubrey Allen also commented: “We loved this idea that came from a creative thinking session. The vision is that if farmers, chefs and butchers all work together from the start, breeding meat for the plate with optimum flavour and ethics and minimum waste, that this will lead to a more sustainable future.

“It is also gives them connections to industry and their peers from day one. If any meat bodies/organisations would like to put any literature in the goody bags they are very welcome.”

Anyone interested in joining the Big Apprentice Day or who would like more information should email: