After last week’s launch of a £250,000 winter campaign to promote the sustainability credentials of lamb and beef farmed in Wales, Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) headed to the centre of Cardiff to give consumers a taste of PGI Welsh Lamb.

4,000 people had the opportunity to sample dishes using Wales’s most iconic produce as part of the promotional presence in Queen Street, in the heart of the capital’s busy shopping district.

The event was a chance to speak directly to consumers about the non-intensive farming which is the norm in Wales, which raises livestock using abundant natural resources and helps the environment by storing carbon in the permanent pasture of the country’s rolling hills and valleys.

With climate concerns high on consumers’ agenda, HCC has been at the forefront of explaining how red meat produced in Wales is far more environmentally sustainable than some of the poor practices exposed elsewhere in the world.

HCC’s UK market development executive, Emily Rees, said that the key message behind the campaign promoting the ‘Welsh Way’ of farming was hitting home with consumers.

“We hear a lot, on social media and elsewhere, about how our personal choices can have an influence in mitigating climate change,” said Emily.

“Here in Cardiff, our aim is to inform consumers that choosing Welsh Lamb can be a positive decision for the environment,” she added.

“Different types of farming in various parts of the world have a vastly different environmental impact,” explained Emily. “Here in Wales, sheep are reared naturally and fed on our plentiful grass and rain. Welsh farmers play a very positive role as stewards of the landscape, capturing carbon in the soil as well as producing top-quality food from marginal land which is unsuitable for arable crops.”

The event in Cardiff is part of HCC’s wider campaign over the winter months to convey the distinctive sustainable message behind Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. The promotions will also include media advertising and social media content.