Slow check-outs, store layouts and hard-to-find products are all amongst the things that consumers have told researchers frustrates them when it comes to supermarket shopping.

Research conducted by Newton involved a survey of 4,000 consumers on shopping experiences and highlighted that nearly half (48%) of consumers rank slow check-outs as a ‘major irritation’.

Consumers highlighted that products being out of stock (46%) and difficulty finding products (38%) are also two of their biggest peeves.

Another matter that consumers flagged up was store presentation which is said to be ‘key’ for shoppers.

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of consumers feel frustrated when a store changes its layout because they are then unable to find what they need.

Previous research by Newton revealed that 31% of shoppers prefer to find everything they are looking for under one roof.

Nick Huismans, director at Newton, commented: “The likes of Tesco have returned to a competitive position by fixing the factors that matter most to customers. Our research has found that product availability and reducing check-out queues are at the top of the list.

“Retailers need to focus on uncovering and resolving the biggest problems that are leading to customer’s frustrations instore. For example, products often aren’t available on shelves due to replenishment prioritisation, store ordering system or supply issues – which can all be fixed.

“In addition, looking at the root cause of long check-out queues can reveal that scanning speeds, queue management and checkout choice all contribute to check-out wait times.

“Once the reasons behind instore issues are uncovered and resolved, a retailer’s competitive advantage is boosted and millions of pounds of hidden benefit can be realised.”

Newton’s report entitled Beating the Discounters examines how the ‘Big Four’ multiples – Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Asda – can regain competitive advantage and win market share back from the discounters.