Kernow Sausage Company Ltd and Cornish cyder makers, Healeys, have joined forces to create a true Cornish food product, The Pork and Rattler Cyder Sausage.

The pack launched with a Taste of the West GOLD award. Gavin Roberts, managing director at Kernow Sausage Company said: “At Kernow Sausage Company we pride ourselves on our ability to innovate and collaborate. Our brand is all about the ‘Live it with us’ ethos. A celebration of Cornish love, laughter and lifestyle. This collaboration pays homage to just that. Healey’s was our natural choice, as we know and love Rattler cyder. It was a no brainer and we are absolutely delighted with the collaboration and an Award in recognition of the end result”

Joe Healey, Managing Director Trading at Healeys said: “When Gavin first approached us with the idea, it seemed the perfect Cornish collaboration – cyder and sausages! Their recent re-brand aligns well with Rattler; being all about the Cornish lifestyle and enjoying a BBQ with cyder on the beach with friends”

The gluten free, 400g 6 pack is made with 70% pork and 17% Rattler cyder The product is being launched at an RRP £3.50 per pack.