The latest figures from Kantar have revealed that frozen foods are continuing to outperform total grocery growth in both value (+7.8%) and volume (+5.2%).

In the 52-week period ending 13th June, the overall grocery market has achieved +6.9% value and +4.8% in volume. Frozen is also still outperforming fresh and chilled on value growth at +7.8% compared with 7.3%.

British shoppers spent an extra £131 million on frozen foods in a four-week period ahead of the first lockdown last year. Although the value growth of the market is slowing down, Richard Harrow, chief executive of the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF), said that frozen’s upward trajectory will remain.

He said: “Frozen food has, in the last 12 months, become the fastest growing sector in retail, after alcohol. Of course, much of this growth has been the result of the pandemic, which after the shutters came down on out-of-home, saw the return of the big weekly shop, from which frozen directly benefited.

“However, the market remains nearly £1 billion higher than the 52 weeks to June 2019, with an additional 241 tonnes of volume. Further insights from the latest Kantar figures also suggest that frozen will continue to be a winner. All nine of the categories are showing growth in both value and volume, with three categories – ice cream, fish and savoury – showing double-digit growth.”

According to a report from Packaged Foods, frozen food is attracting younger fans, with under-25s being 23% more likely to eat frozen dinners.