In response to changes to the food and consumer goods supply chain over recent months, research and training charity IGD has enhanced its Supply Chain Analysis platform to provide business with the tools needed to succeed in the new normal.

Informed by the industry’s changing needs and priorities, the service has been enhanced to provide more action-focused insight, to help retailers and manufacturers work better together.

Taking a data-led approach, the supply chain analysis will deliver insight across five core supply chain areas:

  • Waste and sustainability
  • Demand and supply planning
  • Service and availability
  • Inventory management
  • Cost to serve

Combining the new ways people are accessing insight with the desire of supply chain professionals to connect with each other and share knowledge, the new features businesses can benefit from include virtual roundtables, analyst briefings, insight webinars and an annual supply chain event.

Chris Irish, head of supply chain insight at IGD, said: “With the recent demands on the food and CPG supply chain we are excited to offer the resources, tools and insights to support individuals and teams in navigating the rapidly evolving supply chain landscape. And, to ensure our content remains relevant, our ongoing dialogue with industry will continue to inform our insight focus. To facilitate this ongoing discussion, we’ve added opportunities for businesses to interact with IGD experts and industry peers on the subjects that matter.

“From our research we know supply chain teams are being asked to do more with less, so we are providing a service that aims to support the increasing pressures on businesses. Whether your priority is to develop internal insight and capability, see how you stack up against competitors or understand changing customer requirements, we’re offering a platform that delivers across the board.”