At one KFC store in Rotterdam, KFC Netherlands will replace all chicken with Quorn in order to celebrate the country’s ‘Week Without Meat’, which takes from  between 9th to 15th March.

KFC is one of many major chains to add a vegan burger to its menu in a bid to meet what it claims is a growing demand for plant-based alternatives.

Speaking about the decision, Philip Mansbridge, executive director of ProVeg UK, said: “For a branch of KFC to go 100% meat-free for a full week is nothing short of pioneering. We are seeing a glimpse into the future of fast food right here.

“This is a landmark moment, showing the industry’s need and willingness to adapt to changing consumer preferences for tastes towards healthier and more sustainable foods. Public awareness around the environmental and health consequences of eating meat is growing fast. This branch of KFC is listening, and it sends a very powerful message.”

The news comes as the Eating Better alliance published its new report on what it says is the ‘unacceptable costs’ of chicken consumption along with declining nutritional profile, environmental costs and welfare concerns. The report contains statistics including:

  • The fat content of chicken has increased from 8.6 grams of fat per 100 grams in 1970 to 22.8 grams of fat in 2004
  • Chicken now offers 69% less iron than in 1940
  • Chicken now offers five times less omega-3 than in 1970
  • 30% chickens have lameness likely to cause pain
  • 60% UK soy import used to feed poultry

Read the full report here.