The Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) are warning the public to continue to be on the lookout for certain Kinder products after investigations by local authorities found a substantial number of businesses with recalled product still available for sale.

The food safety bodies said that these products should not be purchased or eaten.

The products, which were recalled by Ferrero in early April, have been linked to an ongoing salmonella outbreak. A number of these cases have been young children.

Stuart McAdam, FSS head of incidents, urged small business owners to ensure that recalled Kinder products are removed.

“Investigations have found that some products previously recalled remain on retailer shelves. In addition, products intended for the European market only, that have been recalled by Ferrero in Europe, have been subsequently imported into the UK by UK importers not linked to Ferrero.

“While FSS continues to work closely with Local Authorities and Public Health Scotland, I would urge any small business owner to double check their stock to ensure recalled product isn’t available for sale.”

Investigations led by UKHSA, Public Health Scotland, Public Health Wales and Public Health Agency Northern Ireland, found a link between reported cases of salmonella poisoning across the UK and products produced by the Ferrero company.

In response to this, Ferrero has taken the precautionary step to undertake a further product recall with immediate effect whilst investigations continue.

The full list of recalled products, including a selection of European labelled products, can be found on the FSA’s website.