Wall’s Pastry, the UK’s number one sausage roll brand[1], has made, what it calls a ground-breaking move as it announces the launch of its first ever vegan range.

With over 200 years in the meat industry, Wall’s Pastry has taken the decision to expand its portfolio to include a vegan range to offer its consumers more choice. The company says the monumental move will open the brand up to the 91% of consumers [2] who now follow flexitarian diets and the 3.5millon [3] Brits who follow a strictly vegan diet.

Vegan Jumbo Roll (120g) is made with a special mix of minced mushrooms, oats and seasoning, wrapped in a light, vegan puff pastry.  The BBQ Jackfruit Jumbo Roll (120g) is filled with  pulled jackfruit and hickory smoked BBQ sauce. Both variants are also available in a snack-sized pack of 4 (4x30g).

Michael Holton, Brand Manager at Addo Food Group, says: “Meat remains at the heart of our business, but times are changing and we believe everyone should be able to enjoy our products, no matter what diet they follow. We have listened to our customers and wanted to offer vegan alternatives to our more traditional products. We have therefore spent a lot of time creating the perfect formula for our vegan range, to ensure we brought the best products possible to market – and we think they are worth the wait!

“We are confident that retailers will be able to capitalise on the growing opportunity plant-based alternatives provide, with a product that targets vegans as well as those simply looking to eat less meat.”

Both products feature clear ‘Plant Based’ labelling to ensure shopper confidence and the green and yellow colours provide great on-shelf presence, with a large window to also help showcase the product.

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