The number of nominations continues to grow for this year’s Women in Meat Industry Awards, organised by Food Management Today’s sister publication, Meat Management.

Members of the UK meat industry and those of the wider food sector have been sending in their nominations for all of the award categories as the deadline of the 6th July approaches.

Nominations can be made in the following categories:

Meat Businesswoman Award: Foodservice

Meat Businesswoman Award: Retailing

Meat Businesswoman Award: Manufacturing / Processing

Meat Businesswoman Award: Craft Butchery

Meat Businesswoman Award: Trade Body

Meat Businesswoman Award: Wholesaling

Meat Businesswoman Award: Industry Supplier

Meat Businesswoman Award: Training & Education

Publisher of Meat Management magazine Graham Yandell said: “We always get a remarkable response to the annual Women in Meat Industry Awards and it seems this year will be no exception.”

Laura Affleck, UK marketing manager at Multivac UK and winner of the Industry Supplier Award in 2019, said: “Working in the meat industry has opened my eyes to all the hard work that goes behind each meat product you see on the supermarket shelves. The Women in Meat Awards is a great event to be involved in and to support other women in the industry.”

Winner of the Meat Businesswoman Award for Manufacturing/Processing in 2019 and technical manager for ABP, Dawn Speers, added: “This event recognised the importance of women in the meat industry and helps to show a different and diverse perspective to anyone thinking about a role in meat.”

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