NFU Scotland has set out its priorities for the upcoming General Election in a manifesto issued to all political parties.

The manifesto sets out a ten-point priority list and will be issued to all prospective MPs in the next few days as candidate lists become available.

It calls for an urgent resolution to Brexit-related uncertainty, and immediate progress on key areas of domestic policy that will improve the business landscape for Scottish farms and crofts.

Since the European referendum in 2016, NFU Scotland has significantly scaled up its engagement in Westminster, building close links with parliamentarians and government representatives, and spending countless days within Westminster and Whitehall.

The manifesto is not just a wish-list for this General Election campaign but a workplan that NFU Scotland says it will take forward with the new UK Government and the fresh intake of MPs immediately after the results are known.

“NFU Scotland’s message to the new UK Government and intake of Scottish MPs is clear.”

NFU Scotland President Andrew McCornick said: “This is the third General Election for our members to vote in since 2015, and aside from the EU debate, NFU Scotland’s priorities for the UK Government on climate change, regulation, taxation and the supply chain remain unchanged since that time.

“This is a stark reminder that whilst the politics of the UK have stagnated on Brexit, agricultural businesses have had no choice but to forge on with business decisions.   With little or no political time being allocated to improving the landscape for farming businesses, these crucial decisions are being made in a policy vacuum.

“NFU Scotland’s message to the new UK Government and intake of Scottish MPs is clear.  Brexit has seriously eroded the confidence of Scottish agricultural businesses and unambiguous commitments about the process ahead are urgently required.

“But beyond the EU debate, Scottish farmers and crofters need and expect much more engagement from our political representatives on the domestic policy levers set out in this manifesto if we are to secure a truly profitable, productive and positive future.”