Edible oil and fat manufacturer, Nutriswiss AG, has opened a new seven-storey short path distillation (SPD) plant to expand its refining operations.

The new plant has been expanded in cooperation with plant manufacturer, VTA, to include supplementary process technology to help refine and purify products such as edible fats, palm, rapeseed and other crude oils.

The process behind the new SPD equipment removes contaminants and isolates fatty acids at particularly low process temperatures. At the same time, it prevents the contaminations of food products and preserves micronutrients. With this new technology, Nutriswiss says it is able to achieve previously unattained levels of quality and overcome a key hurdle for manufacturers.

Michel Burla, managing director of Nutriswiss, commented: “The construction of the new plant is very important to us and is our response to the growing demands of our customers. Applications of exceptional quality, the isolation of certain fatty acids, the enrichment with valuable essential fatty acids and the targeted use of free fatty acids are just some of the possibilities we’ll be offering in the future.

“Even those facing stricter legal limits will be able to meet the higher requirements with our help. Together with our plant engineering company, we have developed innovative solutions that give us a major quality advantage when refining edible oils. This benefits our customers and, ultimately, the consumer.”