MPs have voted by 515 to 29 in favour of the Prime Minister’s new Brexit deal for Northern Ireland.

Known as the Windsor Framework the deal is designed to streamline the checks process, which has proven so unpopular with unionists in Northern Ireland.

Former Prime Ministers Liz Truss and Boris Johnson were among the few Conservatives who voted against the agreement.

Northern Ireland Minister, Steve Baker criticised the two former leaders saying: “They’re both better than this.”

In the new agreement:

  • Green and red lane routes will be established
  • Goods staying in the UK will use a green lane to avoid customs bureaucracy
  • Goods moving to the EU will use a red lane.

When the framework was established head of International Trade, Dominic Goudie told Food Management Today: “We are pleased that an agreement has been reached on the Northern Ireland Protocol. Any deal to improve the movement of goods is welcome, after the significant uncertainty food and drink manufacturers have faced over the past two years.”

As PTF’s director general said: “The requirement for special labelling for goods destined for Northern Ireland, designating them ‘not for EU’ is likely to mean some disruption for food and drink producers. However, promised transitional support from Government for this is good news, as is the phased implementation of this labelling, from 1st October 2023 through to 2025 on current timescales.

“Beyond that, this agreement is positive news for the food and drink industry in many areas. It ensures no ban on UK products such as sausages and minced meat destined for NI.”