Packaging specialist Mike Carrington of Reiser UK spoke to Food Management Today about the VARIOVAC thermoformer range that delivers on flexibility, whilst helping manufacturers become more sustainable.

VARIOVAC thermoformers, which come in two models catering to both entry-level and factory environments, can be configured to produce a variety of flexible, semi-rigid and skin packages including vacuum pack, modified atmosphere pack and vacuum skin packaging. Mike said that “the beauty” of the thermoformer is in its flexibility and ease of use when switching from one packaging operation to another.

He explained: “The changeover is very simple and straightforward. You don’t even have to make any operational changes if you’re just changing the pack sizes or format. What it gives you is flexibility because you’re not tied to one particular pack format, and that does make a big difference.”

The VARIOVAC thermoformer is also compatible with labeller attachments and can be programmed to run a printed top code on film. Mike added: “If customers don’t want a labeller at point of purchase and decide to extend the machine at a later date, the modular design of the machine means we can add extensions onto the base equipment to give it that added functionality.” Mike said: “We can even configure the VARIOVAC with a Vemag autoloader and significantly reduce the amount of labour needed on site.”

The VARIOVAC moto, ‘Simpler, Faster, Better’, Mike explained, says everything about the robustness and reliability of its machinery. He said: “With the VARIOVAC, the forming technologies, the pack quality, the seal integrity and the speed of packing is second to none. The machine’s simplicity and cost of ownership is also industry leading.”

Enhancing sustainability

The thermoformers are versatile in the type of material that they can run, which includes both flexible and semi rigid, for vacuum and modified atmosphere – and it is this flexibility that could significantly reduce manufacturers’ production costs whilst making their finished product a little ‘greener’.

Latest government legislation on plastics includes a tax on plastic packaging containing less than 30% recycled content, with some manufacturers in the UK handling a £200 per tonne levy on certain types of packaging. The VARIOVAC thermoformers’ ability to run recycled and recyclable films, Mike said, answers “huge demand” made by the industry to help them alleviate the added costs of production.

Mike explained: “Being able to accommodate different types of materials is a critical requirement for today’s market. With the VARIOVAC range, you can even form shallow packs from cardboard because you’re able to utilise a variety of different materials.”

Committed to customers

Reiser’s commitment to its customers is not only about providing market-leading machinery, but also about delivering first-rate customer service. Mike confirmed: “Whenever we sell a machine, we always include installation and training, and we don’t put a timescale on that [training]. We stay with the customer until they’re happy with the machine, and if we need to go back in and provide additional or refresher training, we do that. That’s all part of the deal.”

Reiser have service engineers spanning the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland, have  a comprehensive spare parts holding, and run workshops to support its customers. Mike continued: “We run training sessions in Milton Keynes, and can also offer a complete range of service agreements. So, dependent upon the application and the type of machine, we can come back onto the production floor to help three to four times a year.”

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