Sleaford Quality Foods has announced the opening of a new herb factory in Turkey.

The Lincolnshire-based company, a cross-category supplier of multiple packaged foods to the manufacturing and foodservice sector, has revealed a significant investment in its global herb production facilities via parent company Jain Farm Fresh.

Jain has unveiled a 10,500 m2 herb factory in southern Turkey, in a move that will further enhance SQF’s ability to provide the ingredients to its global customer base.

The move comes just over a year after Jain Farm Fresh opened a new spice facility in India. At 14,000 m2, it is the largest spice processing facility in India with a capacity of 24,000 metric tonnes per year, and the only integrated spice facility from drying to milling in the world.

James Arnold, managing director of Sleaford Quality Foods, said: “This new facility is a huge boost to our capabilities. It means SQF now has even tighter control on traceability, quality and testing. Our commitment to traceability means we have full control of sourcing as we deal directly with farmers, meaning our customers can trace our products from farm to fork.”

James continued: “Together, these two facilities are game-changers for SQF – and, more importantly, our customers. We look forward to working with customers old and new to take herb and spice production and supply into a whole new, exciting era.”