British-Dutch consumer company, Unilever, has partnered with Terra Drone Europe to explore drone-delivery of ice creams in New York.

In a programme undertaken at Unilever’s recent annual investor event, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cups were delivered to a pre-decided destination by drone. The demo was conducted as part of Unilever’s ice cream delivery service, ‘Ice Cream Now’.

During the demonstration, a multi-copter drone was fitted with delivery box designed to carry three Ben & Jerry’s mini cups. A flight path was set beforehand to allow the drone to carry the ice cream cups inside the Unilever’s US facility.

Terra Drone provide drone services for oil and gas, utilities, renewables, mining and construction, and say they will continue to work with Unilever in the logistics sector.

Yuki Ueno, director of Terra Drone Europe, said: “We want to solve serious problems in the logistics field, such as carbon dioxide emissions, with drones. As deregulation progresses worldwide, drone delivery services will also increase.”