Magnavale, one of the UK’s leading cold food storage providers, has announced that it has made a £130 million investment into its new development in Easton Lincolnshire.

The 101,000-pallet cold store will be the highest cold store built in the UK, at 47.5 metres high, allowing greater capacity and efficiency in a smaller footprint. Magnavale intends for the energy efficient facility, which will be run entirely on renewables, to serve as the first automated development of its extensive pipeline of new facilities across strategic locations in the UK and Europe. 

Magnavale says progress of its Easton development is progressing rapidly. Since breaking ground in September 2022, the company has achieved significant milestones, positioning the development to become Europe’s most efficient cold store.

McClaren has completed the main concrete slab, and low bay cladding and steelwork for the staircase and office are now complete. Construction has also begun on the high bay automation, and the high bay cladding, which including the cranes, are currently being erected within the store’s steelwork lattice. The electrical infrastructure and fire suppression system are also making steady progress.

The refrigeration and oxygen reduction plantrooms, essential elements of the cold store, are under construction and nearing completion. Magnavale remains confident that it will complete construction in Q4 2024.

Magnavale’s new development in Easton, Grantham, is set to become one of the most efficient cold stores in Europe, accommodating a capacity of 101,000 pallets. The fully automated cold store will operate solely on renewable energy, making it an environmentally sustainable solution for the modern cold storage industry.