Recent meat, fish and poultry (MFP) results shows that burgers and chicken are seeing major growth, while fish has also received a boost.

This is according to the most recent data from Kantar Worldpanel, covering the 12 weeks to 20th May.

Burgers up 17%

Hot weather over recent weeks drove a noticeable spike in burger sales. The MFP markets have benefitted from this, with huge growth seen specifically in burgers and grills.

Nathan Ward, business unit director for MFP, explains: “We’ve seen a great performance across lots of areas, but burgers stand out as the star performer.

“Growing 17% year on year, a million more shoppers than last year picked up burgers, which featured in 2.1 million more trips. Volume sales grew by 1.7 million kilos; the equivalent of six jumbo jets.

“Younger shoppers, especially families, account for 45% of the growth, despite only accounting for 30% of burger shoppers.”

Primary chicken sees 1.8m more trips

Greater use of price cuts and multi-buys in the sector also saw boosted growth, with 1.8m more trips including primary chicken in comparison to last year.

Ward continued: “Primary and processed poultry were the other big winners this period, growing volumes ahead of the market and attracting more shoppers.”

Primary chicken in particular gave the overall primary market a boost and added 400,000 shoppers.

Fish has returned to growth

Chilled fish also returned to growth, with 360,000 more consumers buying fish.

Natural fish has returned to volume growth as salmon and cod volume sales recover. Salmon is said to be seeing strong volume growth, up 5% on last year, as 555,00 more shoppers buy the market despite prices still rising (up 4%.)

Kantar Worldpanel states that while the update is full of positive news for the category, there are still opportunities for growth to be found.

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