Reports in the US have been warning that the Beyond Burger, produced by Beyond Meat, may pose a risk to peanut allergy sufferers.

An investigative TV producer in Salt Lake City was reported to have to use Benadryl after she ate a Beyond Burger.

One of the product’s key ingredients is pea-protein isolate and Nadia Pflaum, from KUTV News, who had the adverse reaction, says she is allergic to peanuts but has never had a reaction to peas.

A statement issued by Beyond Meat said: “We added cautionary language to both our packaging and website.” It told KUTV News: “This language appears immediately below the ingredient list, where consumers would typically look to find allergen information on a food package — it is where the FDA-required ‘CONTAINS’ statement for major food allergens would normally appear.”

Beyond Meat was recently valued at almost $1.5 billion and speculation continues that the alternative meat sector could surge to $140 billion dollars over the next ten years.