In the latest Kantar Meat, Fish & Poultry (MFP) update, chilled fish remains the star performer for the category.

In the 12 weeks to 12/4/19, there have been four million more trips containing chilled fish, with 295,000 more shoppers entering the category.

Nathan ward, business unit director, MFP, explains: “Natural continues to enjoy a strong resurgence with volume up 9%, as we see 3.7 million more baskets with salmon, cod and sea bass contributing the most to volume growth.

“Smoked and shellfish continue to grow, with prawns and salmon key contributors. Added value continues to struggle with 1 million fewer trips driven by the more affluent shoppers in the market.”



Kantar’s report also shows that beef and lamb are suffering strong volume losses year on year.

Lamb was present in 1.24 million fewer baskets and saw a loss of 622,000 shoppers, with leg and shoulder roasts contributing a similar level of decline.

Ward explains: “Although we might still be suffering from the Easter sugar-rush the Meat, Fish and Poultry (MFP) market did not experience the expected uplift with volumes fairly flat in all markets, except chilled fish.”

For more information on the meat update from Kantar, Meat Management magazine has covered the story here.