MPs voted by a majority of just one last night to force Prime Minister Teresa May to ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit process.

In a bid to avoid any no-deal scenario, the bill, which was put forward by Labour’s Yvette Cooper, will need to be approved by the Lords before it becomes law. If it does, the EU will then decide whether to grant any extension to the UK.

Prime Minister Teresa May had previously met Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Wednesday trying to find agreement on a way forward in regard to the Brexit process. Talks were described as constructive. However, if they cannot agree a plan, the Prime Minister has pledged to put a number of options to a vote, including her own deal negotiated with the EU, which has already been rejected by MPs.

Trade reaction

Andrew Kuyk CBE the director general of the PTF expressed the frustrations felt by many across the food industry. He said: “Politicians on all sides seem to be suffering from some kind of collective psychosis of delusion and denial at the moment. The current talks should have started weeks ago and now risk being too little too late.

“The EU27 must be looking on in bewilderment as we let deadline after deadline slip by. What few seem to realise is that we are still in a negotiation with Brussels, not just ourselves.

“Agreement on our terms, whatever they may turn out to be, cannot be taken for granted at next week’s emergency summit. These are dangerous times, with enormous real world consequences for people and businesses across Europe.”