Newly elected president of The National Farmers’ Union (NFU), Minette Batters, has called on the Government to put British food and agriculture on the global map, ahead of further Brexit negotiations.

During her first official speech, Batters highlighted that “now is the time for British food to be championed by the British people”, adding that she wants to be involved in Brexit trade negotiations.

Speaking to an audience of political and industry stakeholders in Westminster, Batters added that Britain must not turn its back on the EU market, adding that this market remains crucial as 40% of our lamb, 80% of our dairy exports and 75% of our wheat and barley exports currently go into Europe.

“It is vital we have zero-tariff, frictionless trade with the EU market place,” she explained.

Batters also pushed home the need for Government to recognise good quality, traceable and affordable food as a public good, stating: “We know the British people expect high animal welfare standards, responsible environmental stewardship and good quality, traceable and affordable food.”

She added: “Good quality, safe and traceable food is a public right and above all else a necessity for each and every one of us.”

Batters also laid out the four themes for the new officeholder vision for a new agricultural policy, including a vision that will feed “even more families in every part of Britain with safe, high quality and affordable food, driving productivity and innovation across the sector”.