The progress made by Cranswick plc since announcing its plastics pledge in February and becoming a signatory of the UK Plastic Pact in April has been shared.

Cranswick has removed 450 tonnes of plastic through targeted reduction initiatives such as scrapping single-use plastic items, removing shelf ready plastic packaging, removing unnecessary plastics from processing, light-weighting and sourcing plastic alternatives.

It has also reduced corrugated packaging by 35 tonnes and moved to 100% recyclable trays for all gourmet sausage packaging.

Through a collaboration with Klöckner Pentaplast and other plastic suppliers all Cranswick plastic trays will be made from 100% recyclable materials, either RPET or mono PET by January 2019.

The company is also said to be on track to become a PVC free business by the end of this year with very little currently used.

Figures from the business show that Cranswick is now working from a baseline position of 13,163 tonnes of plastic packaging per annum (measured total plastic usage/volumes).

Other activities taking place at Cranswick sites are communicating to employee stakeholders the importance of recycling at an individual level for collective difference. Alongside this, Cranswick is running an incentivised internal Deposit Return Scheme, which will educate stakeholders on the Circular Economy.

Jim Brisby, group commercial director of Cranswick, said: “Recycle Week is a great chance to look at the progress Cranswick has made in making the circular economy a reality. Through our peer-to-peer collaboration, I’m glad to see we are not just talking about change, but taking real steps in making it happen, and fast.”