4,473 schools and nurseries, representing nearly 2 million children and young people, and 1,850 workplaces (or workplace teams), colleges and universities, representing over 800 thousand adults, have already registered to take part in the British Nutrition Foundation’s (BNF) Healthy Eating Week 2019 (10th – 14th June).

BNF Healthy Eating Week aims to promote and celebrate healthy living – with a focus on eating and drinking healthily, being physically active and sleeping well – by providing schools and workplaces with activities and  informative resources to support the five daily challenges: Have breakfast, Have 5 A DAY, Drink plenty, Get active, and – new for 2019 – Sleep well.

Now in its seventh year, BNF Healthy Eating Week provides schools and workplaces with an opportunity to focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle with free, evidence-based resources available for all involved. Participants are encouraged to complete a series of challenges during the week; and materials are designed especially so that activities can be continued all year round.

Roy Ballam, managing director and Head of Education at the BNF said: “There are a number of barriers to healthy eating for both children and adults, and this is a real cause for concern. A survey of 2,707 11-16 year olds in the UK, conducted as part of BNF Healthy Eating Week 2018, showed us that 12 per cent of young people are not sure what the healthiest foods are. 36 per cent of secondary school pupils commented that they don’t like healthy foods and 20 per cent said that healthy foods are boring. BNF Healthy Week aims to address some of these barriers, by providing schools with important information and resources on nutrition, cooking, food provenance and physical activity.”