Sleaford Quality Foods (SQF), cross-category supplier of multiple packaged foods to the manufacturing and foodservice sector, has responded to consumer demands around sustainability by forming a new Innovation Team.

The team consists of Tracey Siddy;  Head of Innovation and Marketing, Laura Griffin; Product Innovation and Marketing – Project Manager, Susie Camm; New Product Development, Hayley Williams; Innovation Technologist, Richard Oke; Marketing Manager, and Marketing Consultant Murray Carmichael-Smith.

The new team aims to ensure SQF is at the cutting edge of innovation, offering customers full traceability from farm to fork.

Tracey Siddy commented: “Consumers want to know where the products they buy come from. This isn’t just an environmental issue; it encompasses ethical trading and fair prices for farmers across the globe and means we have incorporated a truly transparent ‘field to fork’ traceability ethos into our company.”

“Food safety and transparency is now a key factor within the ingredients industry and it must look towards securing a sustainable supply of raw materials from the farmers it works with.”

Between them, SQF’s Innovation Team has several years of experience of working in the innovation sector. Since the turn of the year they have been meeting weekly to formulate strategies to keep SQ one step ahead of its competitors.

Tracey added: “We are changing the way we work with our customers – many of whom are now demanding paperless transactions and faster information on prices and greater transparency in their supply chain. Online auctions for procurement are becoming more popular with larger companies, and we need to be agile to respond to this.

“The food industry never rests on its laurels when it comes to innovative products – and Sleaford Quality Foods are committed to not only keep up with the pace but setting it.”