Unilever Food Solutions, one of the global leaders in professional foodservice, has released its first Future Menu Trends report 2023, developed in collaboration with more than 1,600 chefs in over 21 countries.

The top eight trends identified in the Future Menu Trends report 2023 are:

Modern Comfort Food | Irresistible Vegetables | Wild & Pure | Flavour Contrasts | Feel-Good Food | The New Sharing | Mindful Proteins and Low-Waste Menus.

“Identifying the hottest global trends is critical in our quest to provide solutions for chefs, who are contending with challenges ranging from labour shortages to tackling sustainability issues like food waste,” said Hanneke Faber, president of Nutrition Unilever. “With the release of the Future Menus Trend report, Unilever Food Solutions is not just sharing future trends, but also offering solutions-based insights and adaptable recipes to inspire chefs and help them feel prepared for the future.”

Unilever Food Solutions anchored the Future Menu Trends Report 2023 around eight core themes based on global data, extensive inputs from more than 1,600 chefs, global social media analytics and the expertise of hundreds of chefs who offer practical, real-world applications.

All eight trends include suggested recipes, ingredients and techniques aiming to provide tangible solutions for chefs and food operators.