Cadbury’s Dairy Milk will soon be available in a new bar with less sugar, as the company owned by Mondelēz International, weighs in on the obesity crisis in the UK.

The new product will contain 30% less sugar than the original in an effort to help consumers manage their intake. The new bar will sit alongside the standard bar on shelves.

The Cadbury Dairy Milk variant is reportedly one of a number of lower sugar innovations planned for the UK market over the next two years as part of Mondelēz International’s strategy to increase well-being choices across its portfolio.

These include; Cadbury Boost+ Protein, which will contain 12g of protein per bar and 32% less sugar than the standard Boost bar, and a 40% less sugar line extension on BelVita.

Glenn Caton, president of Mondelēz International, commented: “We are working hard to help people make informed choices by providing clear nutritional information and labelling, as well as providing more choice by expanding our portion control offerings and improving the nutritional profile of our brands.

“We believe this strategy is working, with people for example eating less chocolate today than five years ago.”

The company has also introduced a 250-calorie cap on all single-serve chocolate bars and launched a 98-calorie Cadbury Dairy Milk bar to offer people well-being choices through portion control options.

It now also plans to launch Cadbury Dairy Milk Perfect Pieces, a 19g individually wrapped portion of chocolate which is under 100 calories.

Caton continued: “Our approach to health will always be led by both the consumer and by scientific evidence, which is why we won’t reduce sugar at the expense of increasing calories.

“But we recognise that people want to manage their sugar intake and that’s why we have worked tirelessly to create a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar with 30% less sugar as part of our commitment to a wider sugar reduction programme.”