Calbee UK has announced that it has acquired the Seabrook Crisps business for an undisclosed sum, which Calbee UK see as “good news” for the UK snack industry.

The purchase brings the Seabrook brand into the Calbee UK portfolio as well as its bagged-snack private label business.

Richard Robinson, managing director of Calbee UK, commented: “This is an exciting development which will allow us to combine and further leverage the skills and brands of two ambitious players in the UK savoury snack market – building an even more dynamic, innovative and effective snack business going forward. We firmly believe it will prove to be good news for both business and the UK snack industry as a whole.

“This acquisition is good news for Calbee UK’s business aspirations and has been designed not for cost savings but to generate growth. Whilst wholly owned by Calbee UK, Seabrook will run separately as a business, sharing their expertise with Calbee and ours with them. Calbee intends to take time to properly understand the Seabrook business following the transfer of ownership of the business.”

“Seabrook is a dynamic company with a great history, tradition and first to market initiatives and so serves as a perfect complement to the young, ambitious new business that is Calbee UK. Bringing them together is a powerful move to help further accelerate and expand Calbee UK’s position both in the UK and in Europe, which remains a key strategic priority for our business.”

Calbee UK came about when its parent company, Japanese global snack-manufacturer, Calbee Inc., decided to enter into the UK & European snack market by creating a subsidiary.

The company is part of a £1.2bn global business with more than 3,800 colleagues across 12 different countries.