Iceland has launched a new marketing and PR campaign aimed at encouraging more consumers to buy and understand the benefits of frozen fish, backed by an expansion of its frozen fish and seafood range.

The range will now include products such as Rainbow Trout Fillets, Salt Baked Sea Bass, Luxury Hand Filleted Tuna Steaks and Sugo Gamberi, in line with what Iceland described as a “growing consumer trend towards premiumisation (making luxury more affordable)”.

The new lines will also see the retailer maintain its pledge to deliver sustainable and responsibly sourced fish to its customers.

With its pledge to provide transparency through SeaKind®, Iceland aims to remain committed to ensuring that the products it offers “do not harm the marine environment or other species, and to safeguard the future supply of plentiful fish stocks”.

Neil Nugent, trading director of Food Development at Iceland, said: “The extension of our frozen fish and seafood range underlines our commitment to offering customers new and exciting top quality products, while continuing to demonstrate the many benefits of freshness, convenience, reduced waste and great value that frozen fish can offer.”