Global packaging manufacturer Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) celebrated its St Helens site’s full transition to the production of expanded polypropylene (EPP)-based kp Infinity packaging.

The open house event on 21st September saw industry partners, customers and the local media invited to learn more about the facility’s new capabilities and the kp Infinity packaging line. The event included a site tour where guests could get a look at the technologies behind kp’s packaging lines, as well as a lunch served up in kp Infinity packs.

A monopolymer packaging solution has been developed by kp to be fully recyclable and an alternative to single-use EPS food service packaging.

This development comes as new plastics bans will see the certain plastic materials banned from manufacturing lines as of 1st October.

Adam Barnett, kp president of food packaging, and Sally Molyneux, sales director at kp UK, Ireland, Benelux and Australia, ran a presentation to guests detailing how the transition secures a future for the facility while opening new market opportunities and supporting customers through a period of change.

Darren Tickle, site manager at kp St. Helens, commented: “The transition to producing only the kp Infinity product line is much more than a technological shift; it represents a new lease of life for the St. Helens site. With EPS packaging being banned in the UK market, it was clear that we’d need to change the site’s product focus, and kp Infinity is the clear choice.”

Sally Molyneux, kp sales director, said: “The pressure is on for foodservice businesses, and the distributors they rely on, to move away from EPS single use packaging. However, our customers are now in a prime position; kp Infinity is a true game-changer. We are delighted that we could show how our St. Helens site has evolved to meet our customers’ latest needs.”